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'Top class. The work that Jeremy and the entire just add water team do has been truly inspirational not only for myself but for all of my team. They made work really FUN and effective! The energy and excitement generated by just add water has continued into our global workplace.'

Kathleen Lucas,
Head of Function
Remediation Management at BP

a good story cannot simply be devised; it must also be distilled. for over 15 years we’ve been helping our clients with both of those challenges. we help our clients to become more inspirational, engaging and effective in connecting with audiences inside and outside of their organisations. we do this in three ways – leadership development, employee engagement and brand experience.

Leadership Development

Employee Engagement

Brand Experience

Experience tells us that a company without a story is a company without a strategy. We help senior leaders to create and deliver compelling stories that shape the future of their organisations. We do this through coaching, facilitation and experiential learning. We also help to build high performing leadership teams that are fully equipped to reach their organisations’ objectives through bespoke learning and development programmes.

When it comes to choosing brands consumers always have choices. An employee has just two: to stay or to leave. The challenge for any leader is to ensure that every employee who chooses to stay is actively playing their part in creating the success story of that organisation. We help to make sure that the employee communities understand that story and their role within it through: internal communications; change management and large scale training and engagement campaigns.

Building deeper relationships between brands and thier consumers is an important step in generating growth and market share. We create and deliver experiential sales, marketing and promotional activities for our clients. Building on our leadership and employee engagement work, we help bring brands to life by delivering experiences which put your customers at the very heart of your brand.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Studies

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