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The Being Human... Series 2020 now online

Beyond Resilience… reconnecting with now


A Virtual Practice on 9th June 2020 (11am and 3pm BST)

This free online practice, 45 minutes in length, explores the individual talents required for us to maintain strength in times of crisis, and builds fortitude to move beyond where we are now.

We were already on an ever-accelerating roller-coaster, propelled by the continually advancing speed of digital and technological forces, and now a malevolent twist of nature’s spirit has applied the handbrake, and brought our world to a halt.

The decisions and choices we make in these moments will shape the future of our social systems, societies and the planet as a whole.

 Join us for a light, fun, fast-paced and relevant exploration of what we mean by ‘Beyond Resilience…’. We will be introducing the characteristics of being in the present and flow, and being humble; both which will help us to get through this crisis and beyond. 


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(live workshops in London, Cambridge, and Manchester)

‘I just wanted to thank you all for your help and enthusiasm. We asked a lot of the teams, we took them out of their comfort zones, but the output was incredible and the credit for this goes to you for helping them understand what was possible.’

Ralph Wheeler,
SVP Group Financial Controller, IHG

‘Top class. The work that Jeremy and the entire just add water team do has been truly inspirational not only for myself but for all of my team. They made work really FUN and effective! The energy and excitement generated by just add water has continued into our global workplace.’

Kathleen Lucas,
Head of Function, Remediation Management at BP

‘When I think of just add water what comes to mind is a team of really creative people, who understand the challenges today’s leaders face, and find incredibly skillful ways to help, support and shake these leaders. The team’s roots in the arts world also makes a positive impact and offers a refreshing alternative to the corporate perspective.’

Elina Koussi,
Leadership Development Programme Manager, GE

‘just add water was a true partner for me in my role at Thomson Reuters. Jeremy and the team approached every challenge with intelligence and a proactive mindset, delivering strategic and tactical interventions with equal success. They quickly understood the leadership dynamic and their passion and creativity never ceased to amaze.’

Michelle Horowitz,
Chief of Staff, Office of the CMO, Thomson Reuters

‘I have worked with the team at just add water for many years and I keep asking them back because they consistently deliver great results. Their creativity and ability to translate corporate goals into meaningful messages is simply amazing!’

Jill Nealon, SVP Human Resources & Development Unit,
Dubai Airports